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Traveling With Disabilities - Part 4

Making your reservations with the hotels/resorts:

BOOKING ONLINE is not a good idea, I recommend you call the hotel/resort direct, for two reasons, one you will get a name of a person making the reservation and two you will start building a relationship with the hotel/resort. This is very important for return/follow up calls and also for arrival. Be sure and get the persons full name and direct phone number, this is so that when/if you call again you will have someone to ask for, if they arent there or are unavailable, you still have a niche in the door. Also, be sure and keep all of this info updated in your travel folder.

BE CLEAR on your needs and keep talking with the reservation agent until you are both on the same "page" and the agent is clear on what you mean/need/want.

EVERY reservation will be different, as each hotel/resort will have different accommodations, so if you are staying in multiple facilities/places be sure and cover each need again.

NOT necessarily will you want a handicapped unit, as they take out counter/cupboards/closets/furniture etc and the bathroom is always a roll in shower; so unless these are your definite needs, what you would want to ask for is an accessible room, which would be a convenient room with no stairs etc. For me I want a regular room with no stairs as I need/want a bathtub and I dont need extra space for a wheelchair etc, so know what your needs/wants are and ask specific questions and get specific answers, and get the persons name you talk toalways, always get the persons name you talk to. Ask for a room located close to the elevator and located close to the facilities you will be using at the hotel/resort.

FIND OUT if the grounds are accessible for you; restaurant, pool, exercise room, etc etc and find out how accessible the parking is and if there is available staff to help with carrying in your luggage and if there are limited hours for that assistant that will co-ordinate with your arrival and departure.

PARKING is very important so research this out thoroughly, imagine yourself arriving and what you will need, go online and look at the hotel/resort and get a feel for the entrance and lobby and imagine yourself arriving thereask questions and ask more questions of what challenges you will be facing arriving at their hotel/resort.if the parking is public parkingfind out if they have valet at all and then do valet the first night so it is easier to unload your car, and then you can always change to the public parking if you want.

IF YOU find someone that just doesnt seem to "get it" when you are explaining your needs, my favorite question to them is "if you had my (situation) would this work for you and/or would you be comfortable to be able to "this". What this does is puts your requests on a personal level and makes them realize youre a real person not just a phone call.

TRAVEL REFLECTIONS: "Love the moment. Flowers grow out of dark moments. Therefore, each moment is vital. It affects the whole. Life is a succession of such moments and to live each, is to succeed." -Corita Kent-

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