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Thanksgiving Travel - 5 Tips
Think it is too early to plan Thanksgiving travel? Think again. Start planning now for the busiest travel season of the year and find yourself having a more hassle-free trip that also costs considerably less. Here are 5 tips for a better, less-expens
Jet Lag - 8 Tips to Minimize Its Effects
Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, jet lag can seriously impair your performance and holiday fun for days. Jet lag occurs when the bodys rhythms are out of sync with your destination time the body operates on a 24-hour cycle, and travel
Staying Healthy on Long-Haul Flights
As most of us know from harsh experience, preparing for a holiday can be a stressful exercise before we even step foot on a plane. Remembering passports, travel money and tickets, travelling to the airport, queuing for check in and then security - no
Travel Tourism Course - 5 Features to Look For
Looking to get into the travel and tourism industry? Taking a course is a great way to get educated about this exciting field while learning how to find incredible travel deals for your own benefit. The course you select should have all of the follow
Expanding Horizons Through Cheap Student Airline Fares
Students use travel around the world to supplement their educational experiences in a constructive way. Whether travelling during a break or studying abroad for a semester, students encounter new cultures while learning to deal with a complex world o
Places to Look for Cheap Airfares Within Europe
It's pretty tedious to search for cheap airfare between European cities and for a couple of years, it looked almost bleak. Most of the time, Europeans have to cheap airfare offers for travellers. Instead of through air travel, they travel with a low-
Traveling - And You Have to Take Shoes Off?
My last trip by air was a rather interesting venture. It all started at the airport. I live in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area and this particular trip was made in the dead of winter. Well for those that know anything about Pittsburgh in the wintertime, the
Air Transportation - A Revolution
In last few decades, there has been a constant increase in the number of commercial and charter airlines with a tremendous increase in the number of travelers. Due to its convenience, easiness and time-saving features, air transport is considered as
Air Travel and Luxury Vacations - How Airlines Work
In this new age of information, the concept of people being able to book their own luxury vacations has permeated the mindset of many travelers. These new trends began when airlines made air tickets available for purchase over the Internet. This trul
Traveling With Disabilities - Part 4
Making your reservations with the hotels/resorts: BOOKING ONLINE is not a good idea, I recommend you call the hotel/resort direct, for two reasons, one you will get a name of a person making the reservation and two you will start building a relations
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