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How To Save Time At Heathrow Airport This Summer - Tips To A

Heathrow airport is the worlds busiest airport offering more than 180 destinations. As the school holidays begin, the airport is bracing itself for its busiest time as thousands of holiday makers are expected to pass through the airport in the next few weeks.

Heightened security around all the UKs airports this summer means delays are inevitable, but how can you best prepare for travel through the airport and minimise your delays and stress?

The following simple tips are designed to help you minimise your transit time through Heathrow airport and arrive at your destination relaxed enough to start enjoying your holiday immediately.

Hand luggage restrictions
Some of the major hold-ups and queues are caused by ignorance of the hand luggage restriction imposed last year. Passengers are permitted to carry ONE item of hand baggage each, no larger than 56 x 45 x 25cm (22 x 17.7 x 10 inches) including wheels, handles and outside pockets, however, these are the maximum dimensions - some airlines specify smaller hand luggage sizes so it is always advisable to check with your airline prior to travelling.

Other bags, such as handbags, may be carried but must fit within the single item of cabin baggage. A laptop, if carried, must fit within the one item of hand baggage, or if carried separately will be regarded as the one piece of cabin baggage.

Remember any gifts carried as hand luggage must not be wrapped and must fit within your one bag entitlement.

Restrictions on liquids
Liquids, gels and aerosols can only be carried in individual 100ml containers (larger containers, even if only partially full, will be confiscated) and should fit comfortably in a transparent, re-sealable bag measuring a maximum of 20cm by 20cm, with a capacity of no more than a litre.

Where possible, place all liquids in your check-in luggage. Dont forget liquids include all drinks, perfumes, mascara, spray deodorants, toothpaste, hair and shower gel and sun cream.

Any questions connected with cabin baggage should be directed to your airport or airline before you travel.

Medicines required during the flight
Essential medicines required for the duration of the flight may be permitted in larger quantities than 100ml but will require authentication passengers must have obtained agreement with the airline and airport prior to departure and must bring supporting documentation with them from a relevant qualified medical professional.

Advance check-in
Check-in in advance - some airlines offer on-line check-in up to a day in advance and by printing your own boarding passes in advance you can save loads of time at the airport.

Foreign currency
Dont queue for foreign currency at the airport, save time and buy your foreign currency online (http://www.heathrowinformation.co.uk/heathrow-airport-BYL-currency-exchange.php) , prior to departure foreign currency can be bought on line and delivered for roughly the same cost as at a bank or high street travel agent.

Arrive early and stay the night before
Treat yourself and book an airport hotel (http://www.heathrowinformation.co.uk/heathrow-airport-LOC-local-hotels.php ). This saves time and you avoid the stress of worrying about traffic congestion and getting to the airport in time. Many airlines now allow passengers to check in baggage up to 24 hours before flying so you can book a hotel, drop your luggage at the airport, have a relaxing stay at the hotel and on day of your flight arrive at the airport relaxed and ready to pass through security.

Travelling to the airport / airport parking
Most of the UKs airports have increased security around the airport terminals and restricted vehicular access for dropping-off and picking up passengers. Designated drop-off and pick-up zones have been made available in the car parks which can add to the time it takes to reach the terminal building.

The UKs airports are advising passengers to use public transport wherever possible, however, if using public transport for you is impractical, or just never going to happen, one solution is to use meet and greet parking.

Meet and greet valet parking has its own designated drop off zone and is ideal for parents with small children or travellers with heavy luggage who want to avoid the queues this summer.

Cars are driven right up to the airport where a valet parking driver is waiting to collect your vehicle and park it for you. On your return your car will be waiting for you outside the terminal building you can be on your way home before your fellow passengers have found their cars.

Following the above tips will help reduce your queuing time and delays so that all thats left is for you to enjoy your holiday!

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