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How to Shop For Airline Deals

Travel deals have taken a sharp turn on the World Wide Web; so many sites and so many promises to find you the best deal. Where do you go and where do you start?

If you are on a small budget and price is your main concern, start with the airport of your departure city or your destination. Find out what airlines serve your route and how often they fly; some of the smaller and new airlines may not be found in the big name travel sites search engines. Some airlines offer deep discounts to enter a new route- discounts as low as $29 one way were found on popular routes in the US. Most airports in the US and around the world have websites and links to the airlines they host. As you should with any other airline, request and search for information about the services and the reliability of these smaller and new airlines- this kind of information can usually be found on the internet or at the airport these airlines serve.

More often than not you can find the best deal trough the latter. However, if that doesnt work for you try the big name travel websites first. Usually the big name sites strike the best deals with the airlines, thus offer the best prices. Most travel sites offer many advanced options that can help you find airfares at low prices and shorter flights. The more flexible you are the more power to you; flexibility in the time and date of travel and the route you take may land you a great deal. Flying from an alternative airport can also save you big, but remember to include the cost of travel to that airport- it may not be such a good deal after all.

In recent years a new breed of travel websites has appeared. These new websites let you search dozens of popular travel websites at once. This also maybe an option available for you to deal-hunt and find bargains. However, these sites may not provide you with the most up to date travel deals, because airlines change their fares frequently due to different travel events and demand for travel.

Remember that most travel websites charge a fee added to your airfare. This fee is usually small, but to avoid paying it, you can take your best search result from the travel site and enter it at the airline website with the exact times and dates and you maybe be surprised to find an even lower fare.

Have a safe trip at the best deal.

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