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Would You Believe Even Whirlybird Owners?

Mention computer clubs and images come to mind of stuffy cerebral nerds sitting around discussing languages which seem like they come from another planet. On the contrary, this is not the case with our local computer club. I never cease to be amazed at our diverse club membership. Our club membership includes individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences.

Our local Tampa Bay Computer Society (TBCS) club president, Dave Dockery, explains they have numerous options available for different computer interests. There is a place for everybody whether someone has the skills of a novice, an intermediate user, or an expert. As a result of all our members different interests, qualifications, and backgrounds, volumes can be learned about computers and the Internet through Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and classes. Currently, my favorite class is marketing guru, June Hollisters Largo Workshop class. By attending this, I have met numerous successful on-line individuals.

The different interests people in our class have astonish me. Consequently, I was surprised to meet risk taker Kenneth Fietz, who has expert knowledge of gyroplanes. At first, I really didnt even completely understand what he was talking about. As he explained, I realized he is into what I know as whirlybirds, or an aircraft without wings obtaining its lift from the rotation of overhead blades. I had always wondered what type of person would be into these crafts and the last place I expected to actually meet such a person was at a TBCS meeting. Nevertheless, I found Ken to be friendly, spirited, and very upbeat. His website has over 30 topics and contains over 200 pages. Ken welcomes all rotorheads, a nickname for rotary-wing enthusiasts, to his web site where visitors will find a completely free site containing rich information content. Ken enthusiastically describes whether you are looking for gyroplane information for selecting, building, funding, shipping, government agencies, or autogyro complete step-by-step information all can be obtained at his site.

Ken Fietz is grateful for the ease of setting up his Web site Gyro Plane Passion and the valuable knowledge he acquired from Site Build It! When Site Build It! is compared to other Web hosting companies, there is simply no other comparison to building a functional Web site. Even though his site has been up less than a half of a year, his web site receives around 30-70 visits per day. When searching Google for gyroplane government agencies, Kens Web site comes up well positioned on their advantageous first page out of 263,000 sites. When gyroplane government regulation is searched, Kens Gyro Plane Passion Web site comes up #1 under a Yahoo search and #2 on Googles first page out of 217,000 other sites. Potential income available for his Web site includes Google AdSense, a shopping cart for direct sales of other merchandise, and entertaining other affiliate offers.

This year, it has been very interesting and rewarding learning and networking with this computer group. As a result of being involved with TBCS, I have a much greater practical working knowledge and understanding of computers and the Internet. In conclusion, by attending the Largo Workshop class, I now understand by applying the correct procedures anyone can convert their expert knowledge into a productive Web site.

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