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Best Oregon Aviation Museum

If you are an aviation enthusiast and you find yourself in Oregon you must check out The Capitan Michael King Smith Evergreen Aviation Educational Institute and Museum. From the time you approach the location until you leave, is a jammed packed experience in aviation history - there is an F-15 Eagle Air Force fighter plane out front on a pedestal.

There is also a Cold War Era F-102 Delta Dagger like our President Flew and a T-38 Talon Trainer. There is also a Russian Mig-15 as well. Of course, their history goes all the way back to post World War I days with an authentic Curtiss Falcon. World War II vintage aircraft are also well represented with both sides of the war covered with a Messerschmitt ME-109 and a Great Brittan Spitfire.

There is also a flyable Douglas C-47 Cargo Plane as well as a nostalgic Yellow J-3 Cub. You will also love the DH-100 Vampire. There are lots of displays and information and some great interactive exhibits inside. This is one of the best aviation museums I have ever been to in all my travels and definitely the best aviation museum in Oregon.

Since my retirement I have been to over 200 aviation museums in the United States and Canada, it is wonderful to see the hard work in restoration that these dedicated volunteers have put in to preserve the history of aviation, each individual should be given an award, for they provide a glimpse into the humankind's advances in flight.

Learn more about The Capitan Michael King Smith Evergreen Aviation Educational Institute and Museum: www.SpruceGoose.org.

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