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Old Bangkok Arport to Reopen for Regional Flights - Bangkok
On March 25th Don Muang airport will reopen to regularly schedule domestic traffic. Currently the old Bangkok Thailand airport is being used for charter flights only. Don Muang airport new code will be DMK, as the old code was assigned to Suvarnabhum
Top Rules To Find Cheap Flights And Travel For Less Money
The first thing we remember while planning to travel, is the date and the time we have to travel. In this process of planning things, we forget that there are some rules that can offer you tremendous savings. Flying tariff for a country or a city may
Flying And How We Can Cope With Fear
Fear of flying has more to do with our inherent vulnerability and fragility of life than statistics. Flying is 29 times safer than riding in an automobile, but statistics seldom sway the fearful. They fear different things, depending on their viewpoi
Flight Tracker - Real Time International Live Airline Flight
Flight tracker track a flight by airline name and flight number, or by city and arrival/departure times. Based on radar data, flight tracker generates online views of the position of any incoming or leaving flight. The Flight tracker will show update
When to Fly Charter
Charter flight the idea of hiring out an aircraft is different from commercial flight in that the former makes unscheduled flights to destinations specified by the passenger(s) who purchase the service. As such, it is not bound by many burdensome reg
Private Pilot License
How long does it take to get your pilots license? It is natural to be afraid of flying at heights of 10,000 feet above the ground. After All, human beings are not born with wings naturally. Like any other form of Transportation, flying has its own in
Safety Airplane - Official Rating Of Indonesia Airline Compa
Airplane is known as one of the safest transport system on earth, but still many people are scare of taking flight today. If your hands are sweating or your heart beating faster just before take off or landing, you are probably one of this people. De
8 Steps to Getting Lower Airfares
Be Flexible The most important factor for getting lower airfares is flexibility. When possible, check alternate airports, a range of days and times, other carriers, and various routings. Opportunities for lower airfares increase when you have more op
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