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Smart Tips for a Relaxed Air Journey
When you are asked if you need a window seat or not, you can ask for an exit seat. With this, you will not have that irritating seating row right in front. You will get exactly the same legroom as that available in the first class. Besides, you will
Heavy Lift Helicopters - The Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe
The CH-54 Tarhe was a heavy lift helicopter built by Sikorsky. It was designed for external lifting of heavy and bulky loads. The aircraft was first flown on May 9, 1962. The CH-54 grew out of earlier developments with heavy lift helicopters buy Siko
Modern Helicopters - The Bell 430
The Bell 430 was originally developed and marketed as a corporate shuttle. Its sleek lines were thought to be very attractive to corporate executives and flight departments. Today the 430 can be found performing a number of missions including EMS, La
The Eurocopter EC-145
The Eurocopter EC-145 is becoming a frequent site in the skies of the United States and the world. Its responsiveness and versatility makes it a favorite among many different types of helicopter operators. The EC-145 is an outgrowth of the Messerschm
Cheap Traveling - Discover the Secrets of Flying for Cheap
Traveling doesnt always mean extravagant and expensive. You might be surprise that it is possible to travel cheap and see the world without spending too much. There are things you can do to minimize your travel expenses and enjoy at the same time. He
Helicopter Anti-Torque Systems
To understand torque and its effect on helicopters we need to reference Newtons Third Law of Motion which states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Torque is a measure of how much force acting on an object will cause that objec
Helicopter Aerodynamics - Retreating Blade Stall
There are a number of dangerous situations for helicopters and other aircraft that use rotors. One such situation is known as retreating blade stall. This is where the rotor blades traveling away from the direction of flight enter a stalled condition
Modern Helicopters - The MD-600N
The MD-600N, built by MD Helicopter, is an eight passenger, light, utility helicopter. The MD-600N first flew in January of 1995 and entered production in April of 1995. Certification was received in May 1997 and deliveries to the first customer star
Steve Dari - a Great Pilot and a Great Man
One can only thank Steve Dari for the memorable flying at the Air Races and for living life on the edge and pushing the envelope. Indeed, a life well lived - he was a great adventurer, sportsman, RVer and lover of life. Our condolences to his wonderf
Helicopter Controls
The pilot of a helicopter controls the machine using a series of flight controls in order to change various aspects of flight. Most modern day helicopters have three different flight control systems. These are the cyclic, collective, and the anti-tor
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