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Motorcycle Camping Gear Tips

First let me start this article by saying that there is a difference between a motorcycle camping trip and a road trip. The major difference is that on a road trip you usually spend your nights in motels along the way. On the other hand if you plan to do a real motorcycle camping trip you will need to plan your overnight stops ahead of time. Be aware that some camping grounds are not friendly to motorcycles. Also the amount motorcycle camping gear you will need will depend mostly on the type of trip you are planning.

Motorcycle camping is like hiking

Motorcycle camping gear is very similar to the type of materials hikers bring on their trip. It should always be small and light. Try to buy quality camping gear that you can easily set up at night and tear down in the morning. Make sure that all you motorcycle camping gears are packed as compact as you can. This will make your trip safer and will prevent any part of your equipment to come loose when you ride your bike. If you are planning a long trip you might want to consider the use of a small motorcycle trailer. They are usually very light and are easy to pull depending on the type of motorcycle you ride.

Since you dont have a lot of space when camping in motorcycle a good tip you might consider is to buy your food and water on a daily basis, by doing this you will save a lot of space. For cooking, buying a metal mess can be a very wise decision; you will be able to clean it at every campsite facilities. Just remind to bring with you a small bottle of liquid dishwashing detergent. As a precaution you should always bring along freeze-dried or dehydrated meals. Those can be purchase in almost every camping supply stores.

Be prepared for any type of Weather

Since you are used to riding your bike you already know that riding under the rain is not that fun so you should always be prepared for this kind of weather by bringing along at least one change of clothing. Since you can easily pack your lightweight tent and sleeping bag right on your bike you should consider bringing a small air mattress for comfort.

Another type of items you need when packing your motorcycle camping gear is to bring your hygiene items such as toothpaste, shampoo and soap. Small tips: Shampoo can easily double for body soap and although its not very pleasant salt can effectively replace toothpaste. Make sure you bring along a first aid kit, whether you have space or not, you need to make room for this item, it could save you under extreme conditions.

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