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Baby Camping Gear - What do You Need?

If you have kids like me, you already know that traveling with your babies requires a certain level of organization. There are necessities that you need like a well stocked diaper bag and some other emergency items. And in some cases it is even a good idea to stock some of those items in frequently traveled places like the grand parents and other relatives houses.

So if you are planning to go on a camping trip with your baby, the situation remains the same, you will need special baby camping gear to accommodate your babys needs and yours. Some items you will need in your baby camping gear are:

- Portable crib
- Baby carrier (Front or back)
- Appropriate clothing according to the temperature
- Rain protection
- Sun screen
- Insect repellent
- And a very well stocked diaper bag

Small tips for you Diaper Bag

Here is a small resume of how you should pack your diaper bag. The diaper bag should have at least enough diapers for a full day (plus extra diapers in mom or dads bag), a good changing pad, at least one change of clothes, you should also include around two to three zip-top storage bags, a few toys and do not forget to add some snack (depending if you child is eating solid or not). Another important item would be to add a full refill of swipes (very useful to clean the baby if you are not near water), and other items like pacifiers, bottle etc..)

About Baby Camping Gear

One of the cool thing about baby camping gears is that its usually inexpensive, you can get pretty much what you want for a very good price. Its also very light and durable.

As an example, a simple infant carrier can really make your camping or hiking trip more enjoyable, you will be able to have your hands free and at the same time having your child close to you in a safe position. The best part is that your child will be able to enjoy the ride as much as you feeling safe in the comfort of your chest.

Whatever baby camping gear item you intend to purchase, make sure you add to that appropriate baby camping clothes. As a parent myself I know that there is nothing worse (for me) than to see my child sick. So having a rain coat, extra warm clothes, cool clothes etccan really help you during you camping trip while making sure your baby is protected from the weather conditions.

If you want the complete baby camping gear, than you need the usual tonics and potions that will help you repel the great outdoors less friendly resident. Items such as:

- Insect repellent
- Sun Screen
- First aid kit

Small Note: When applying insect repellent on babies, it is advise to first spray it on your self and with your hands apply it gently on the babys skin.

So if you are amongst the families that practice camping as a tradition, Baby camping gear will make your trip even more enjoyable for you as well as your children.

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