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Private Jet With Very Little Privacy

As the small cabin, medium cabin and larger cabin Private Jet markets continue to attract new entrants, and become ever more sophisticated, competition is beginning to build up in the so-called Mini-Jets market. While demand for these Mini-Jets is forecast to be sky high, what can you expect for your money?

The make up of these new style Private Jets is very much different from the extravagances associated with the larger, more expensive Jets. The designs have been cut down to the bare bones, with very little luxuries, and an open plan cabin, which includes the Pilot and their team

While the luxuries have disappeared, so has a lot of the privacy, with lavatory doors being omitted from some of the new designs coming to the market. You think that is bad? Some of the planes which will be coming to market in the short term have omitted toilet facilities all together. Now you know why they are only good for short journeys!!

The prices of these new style Private Jets start at $1m, and can carry 6 passengers on short flights, at hundreds of miles per hour. A nice way to beat the traffic!

So who is in the market, and what type of Jets will be available?

Eclipse 500
Key Technology: The company have introduced a revolutionary manufacturing technique called friction-stir welding, which dispenses with the need for rivets - thereby reducing the overall weight of the Jet.
Price: $1.47m
Capacity: 6 Passengers, including crew.

Citation Mustang
Key Technology: A new style digital display, which makes the pilot more aware of events happening around the Jet. The requirement for switches and dials is greatly reduced.
Price: $2.4m
Capacity: 6 passengers, including crew.

Diamond D-Jet
Key Technology: The Diamond D-Jet is made from the same material used in Formula One Racing Cars. Lighter, stronger and much more aerodynamic than traditional Private Jets.
Price: $1m
Capacity: 5 Passengers, including Pilots

As competition grows in the Mini-Jets market, manufacturers are finding more innovative ways to reduce size and weight. What price a one-person mini-sized Jet Pod?

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