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UK Worried About Private Jets and International Terrorism

It looks as if the UK is worried about private jets been used by international terrorists as weapons. In the Financial Times there was an article discussing this in June. The Federal Aviation Administration sent out a notice to all fractional jet companies and charter services to watch out for unusual behavior a year and a half ago in the United States.

The United Kingdom's Department of transport released a security review on this issue. One thing that the UK is worried about is the short time periods that fractional jet aircraft passengers have with their scheduling before departure.

Should the United States Federal Aviation Administration and fractional jet companies be worried that terrorists may use private aircraft in future attacks on our country or our infrastructure? Some have been concerned that if a fly a private jet into a larger airliner that it could be catastrophic especially if that happens over a populated area.

Nevertheless if the private jet did not hit the airliner at exactly the right spot the law of physics would prevail and the bigger airliner would win in the private jet would merely crash. Should we be worried about this problem or are the people in the United States already looking out for anything suspicious? Please consider all this in 2006.

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