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Rent A Private Jet, You Deserve It!
If youre like me you are tired of the rat race. I dream of traveling in style, of excellent service, large seating areas, freedom to move around as I please, and the ability to actually work on the plane. Well, get jet set because your dreams are not
Private Jet Interior: Real luxury!
Most of us think that spending a few hundred dollars for a worn-out leather seat, maybe a new cup holder for our bottled water, and a few extra inches of legroom is luxury in a private jet interior. If this is your idea of luxury then you dont know w
Jet Charter For Your Ultimate Vacation Plan
How do you plan for your dream vacation? How about a stress free travel to your country of choice in your very own jet charter? Travel like a mega rock star! No more queuing at line at airports for checking in, no more terrible protection checkpoints
Fractional Jet Ownership
Fractional jet ownership can be an affordable way to own a private jet. Fractional Jet Ownership is sometimes referred to as Fractional Jet Leasing or Jet Time Sharing. The concept is also referred to as fractional ownership because it is not limited
Traveling By A Private Jet
Traveling by private jet is convenient, and seems quite glamorous to many people. Private jet charter is a privilege and a luxury few people ever know or experience. Given these perceptions, you may be surprised to know that private jets and charter
Why Jet Rental Makes More Sense Than Jet Ownership
If your business requires that you spend much time traveling, then you might have considered the feasibility of jet ownership. However, there are some drawbacks to jet ownership that make jet rental a much more attractive option. If you are a part ow
The Value Of Private Jets
If you are a frequent flyer, have plenty of time schedule a flight and secure a ticket months in advance, more time to stand in lines for security screening and check ins, and dont mind taking a meandering route to your destination that requires chan
Jet Setting: No Longer Just For The Rich
If your like me you are tired of the long lines delays and security check points. Well good news has arrived. New technologies have ushered in small private jets or micro jets as they are referred to. These technologies include more efficient manufac
Could Jet Rental Be Tax Deductible?
If you are a business executive, then you know that it is imperative to keep accurate records of all your business transactions for tax purposes. If you are one of the many busy business executives that use air charters to fulfill part of your busine
How Jet Engines Operate
It is a great privilege to be able to retain the services of a lear jet when you need it for business or personal use. Some individuals are seasoned travelers, while others might feel some pangs of reservation when they think of executive jet travel.
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