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Advantages Of Private Jet Charters
Why do people and corporations spend thousands of dollars on private jets? There are three main reasons for this: speed, convenience, and security. First, private jets can be much faster than conventional airplanes such as the Boeing 747 or Airbus A3
Celebrity Private Jets - A Flight Of Fantasy And More
It used to be so high class, so glamorous to be able to fly first class. However, flying first class is no longer as big deal as it used to be in recent years. In fact, it does not imply as much prestige. This is due to the fact that the first class
Private Jet Honeymoon
Want to spoil you new bride for your honeymoon? Whisk her away on a private jet for your honeymoon! If really plan on spending the rest of your life with this woman then chances are you are probably already thinking about your first house and childre
Silverjet Business Class
As every flyer knows, the standard economy class on long haul airlines seems to be getting worse. Whilst airlines vary slightly in the available seat pitch most would say that the "sardine" class is only just acceptable. Economy class provides precio
Private Jet Ownership vs. Rental
Savvy business executives know that traveling is a big part of their career. Getting to an important meeting on time anywhere in the world can be the deciding factor in whether or not you seal the deal. You need global transportation that is convenie
Experience the Convenience of a Private Jet
You have enough to keep track of at work without being burdened by the inconvenience of commercial airplane travel. Who has time for all the endless waiting in lines, as well as the delayed and canceled flights? Your time is worth money, so make sure
Fly Your Choice of Private Jets
Traveling on charter flights is a great luxury time saver for busy executives. With over 3,500 aircraft available for air charter, it can be a little confusing knowing where to begin in selecting the right one for your travel needs. Savvy travelers o
Celebrity Private Jets
While most of us are wondering if its safe to fly in todays world or weather we want to jump the hoops just to catch a plane, celebrities are jet setting around the globe racking up miles on celebrity private jets. Tony Blair enraged environmental gr
Private Jets Tips
The days of depending on a commercial flight to get you from point a to point b are gone. Today more and more individuals and companies are choosing to invest in private jets to stay on time and now on budget. Not so long ago it was an expensive lavi
Renting Jets Provides an Excellent Value
Waiting in line to check in at the airport, the harried business executive discovers that her flight has been delayed, meaning that she will be late for an important business meeting. Using commercial airlines can be unproductive if your time is very
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