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Tahiti Luxury Vacations on a Budget

Tahiti is growing as one of the top luxury travel vacation destinations. From honeymooners wanting to experience the intimacy of these secluded islands, to active divers awaiting the colorful underwater displays, to families wishing for a unique experience; Tahiti has a lot to offer for travelers of all types. But, the number one drawback is the perceived cost of Tahitian travel. With such hotels as the St. Regis, the Le Mridien, and the Le Tahaa Private Island Resort, travel to Tahiti does not strike the experienced traveler as a budget-friendly destination. However, there are several ways to experience Tahiti on a budget.

Tahiti Club Med

The Bora Bora Club Med Resort has one of the most prime locations on the island. Situated on its own lagoon in the midst of coconut groves, this resort sports one of the few all-inclusive experiences in Tahiti. Though it is an older resort, its well maintained and the price is right. The resort is made up of bungalows, although none of them are over the water. It is recommended that you spend the extra money to get an ocean view bungalow to enhance your experience and beat the Polynesian heat. For travelers who have their hearts set on Tahitian luxury vacations, Club Med Bora Bora is a great option to consider.

Privately Owned and Operated

There are a number of privately owned and operated inns, motels, bed and breakfasts and villas that are open for public business. These properties are usually run by a native family, and offer more modest accommodations. This also means less people and more privacy which is a unique way to experience Polynesian life up close and personal. You can explore on your own or enjoy the lagoon that the family has probably explored for generations. You will also be contributing to the wellbeing of a number of native Tahitian families who will welcome you to their homes with open arms. These privately owned and operated accommodations offer travelers interested in a luxury travel vacation a taste of rustic charm.

Tahitian Cruising

Now, more cruise ships than ever before are exploring the waters of Tahiti. From the most luxurious Paul Gauguin to the Tahitian Princess vessel, there are a number of options. The key is to find a cruise line that offers all the amenities you are interested in on a well-equipped boat for the most minimal price. Princess Cruise Lines Tahitian Princess does just that. Talk about a cheap luxury cruise! This ship, carrying only 700 passengers, offers some of the best and up to date amenities. Prices start at only $1,039.00 per person.

Tahiti has become such a popular destination that its being added to the itineraries of luxury world cruises. But you do not have to be ultra rich to experience Tahiti. There are so many options for the cost conscious traveler. You could try the Club Med on Bora Bora. You can experience the rustic peace of a privately owned and operated resort. You can even find reasonably priced cruises to the Tahitian islands. Travelers have plenty of options. Imagine the breathtaking wonder and excitement you will feel when you discover that you too can experience the luxury of Tahition a budget!

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