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Accommodation in Dingle

Ireland is known as the land of a thousand welcomes, and the reputation is well deserved. The Irish people are a warm, friendly and colourful lot, and if you come seeking shelter, you may be enchanted to find that in many communities the old time-honoured tradition of putting a guest up for the night and a small fee still stands true. Of course, if you have the opportunity to book your accommodation ahead of time, its best advised that you do so; even the friendliest people may still take a fright at a stranger turning up at the door!

Dont worry, though, Dingle boasts an enviable number of guest houses and lodgings available for travellers. Rooms can be held by giving a credit card number, and you will find things welcome and waiting on your arrival. If you are looking for accommodation reminiscent of a hotel, why not take a room at Heatons Guest House? This charming guest house with excellent sea and bay views is comfortably furnished.

If its real authentic Irish flavour youre after, why not take a room at a local public house? Several Dingle pubs offer rooms to let; Murphys Pub is centrally located, and not only offers accommodation but good food and great music, too. So too does the Dingle Pub, but they also offer en-suite rooms, so a bit of a luxury can be found even in the most authentic little corners in town!

Of course, for cozy, country charm you really cant beat the joys of an Irish bed and breakfast. Why not try lodgings at the Quayside Bed and Breakfast, overlooking the harbour? Or you may want to try your luck at Mary Sheehys, a bed and breakfast just a seven minute walk from the town. No matter where you decide to stay, you can be assured of a soft bed and a warm welcome!

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