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Phoenix Vacations - A Holiday Alternative

Holidays are often the only time a family can travel together. Theyre also the time when its nearly impossible to get reservations at top drawer resorts and when fares and lodging are at their most expensive.

Instead of Hawaii or the Caribbean, consider Phoenix vacations for this holiday season. Phoenix vacations are comparatively more affordable, just as relaxing, and therefore a great alternative to the crowded, outrageously priced tropics. And youll find something for everyone in the family when you head to the Phoenix area.

Right there in Phoenix are some of the countrys most posh resorts. For example, the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa, a stunning Frank Lloyd Wright creation, offers palatial grounds, large rooms and a sprawling pool that invites you to bask in the Arizona sun.

Nearby is the Camelback Inn, a traditionally-styled southwestern resort with a luxurious full service spa - complete with lap pool and cafe - and kid-friendly casitas that feel like home. The resort boasts a golf course and a luxury spa facility.

If you want a Phoenix vacation thats more intimate and elegant, try the Royal Palms Resort and Spa. It boasts some of the most beautiful architecture and gardens in the West. A landmark historic property n the grand Spanish colonial style, youll feel as if youre in a private estate right in the heart of Phoenix.

Dining and shopping options during a Phoenix vacation are plentiful. Be sure to allow time to enjoy the plentiful shopping malls, resorts and fine restaurants of nearby Scottsdale.

For a little adventure, rent a car and take a side trip to Flagstaff, a quaint western town not far from the Grand Canyon (not always open in winter). Be sure to leave early or plan to spend the night, and dont forget e sure to pack warm clothes for this trip since Flagstaff is the states foremost ski area. A drive through the breathtaking canyons of Sedona, Arizonas red rock country is a spectacular adventure. Stop in town for lunch and to shop for hand-crafted silver.

Skip the travel-planning hassles this holiday season and try a Phoenix vacation. Consider it a gift to yourself.

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