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Phuket Hotels - Where To Stay On Your Business Trip
Phuket is paradise for tourists and business travelers who venture to this Thai destination. Tourism here rests not just on the influx of leisure travelers, but the business visitors as well. Many business-men and entrepreneurs are interested in inve
Much Ado About Hotel Ratings
For some people, a five-star hotel would mean a luxurious bed, high-end toiletries (preferably the brand names also patronized by celebrities), and large towels. For others, it would mean having at least 200 TV channels, CD and DVD players, and high-
Dead Sea - Jerusalem
The Dead Sea (Sea of Salt) is a salt lake between the West Bank and Israel to the west, and Jordan to the east, said to be the lowest point on Earth (420 meters below sea level). The sea is called "dead" because its high salinity means no macroscopic
Choosing The Right Hotel In Israel
Choosing the right hotel is always difficult. Every traveler has different needs when searching for hotel, and each one wishes to find the best hotel there is, for the lowest price, the best views and comfortable accommodations. Here are some tips th
Javea Holidays - Real Spain And Holiday Resort In One Place
Spain is a popular holiday destination for British tourists. Some of the resorts are very well-known such as Benidorm, but there are others that are equally good for a holiday. A few miles north of Benidorm lies the Costa Blanca holiday resort of Jav
Families And Young People - The Touristic Future Of Lignano
Last year, to better manage the summer season in Lignano Sabbiadoro, the municipal Administration ordered a research about the situation of the city . That study was included in a bigger project, denominated Agenda 21 Locale, to analyze present touri
New Travel Accommodation Trends
Making travel arrangements isnt like it used to be. I mean, you can still do things the old way if you want. But, you can make things so much easier on yourself if you take advantage of the latest trends. Years ago, putting a travel package together
Use Student Housing During Your London Trip
Among the least known accommodation options in London is the student housing. One of the reasons for its lesser popularity is the fact that in general it is not available year-round; it is open to the general public only during school vacations. Most
Finding Best Hostels in London
Accommodation costs will be among the most expensive items on your London trip budget. It also means that by selecting wisely your sleeping place in London, you can save a lot of money that you can spend on something else, like seeing a West End show
Disabled Travel to Rome, Italy
In fact, organized tours offer trips to wheelchair friendly hotels, museums and other places of interest so that disabled travelers can enjoy their destination just as much as the next traveler. Rome, the grand capital of Italy, is no exception and h
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