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Backpacking Problems - Some Advices

Any backpacker will tell you that unexpected problems are something you will likely come across on the trails. The outdoors environment, being away from all the modern conveniences and simply just being in a challenging environment all can lead to problems that will need to be handled right away.

You can't afford to wait to fix a problem. If you do not know how to handle a problem, then you may have to forego your trip. By fixing it when it occurs you can get on your way and enjoy your experience.

There are many ways a backpack can break while on the trail. A broken pack is a hassle to carry, so fixing it is critical. You can try duct tape, which for tears works great, but you may need something else if you have a strap break away. Wire can be used to easily attach a pack back to a frame or to attach a broken strap.

If you have a tent with hollow poles and they settle into the dirt or mud and get clogged up, you can use a corkscrew to get the debris out. This may seem like a small, unimportant problem, but if you are trying to pack light even a few clogged tent poles can add some extra unnecessary weight.

Boot laces that loosen or come untied can really be an annoyance. You should always double or triple knot the laces. Also try lacing them different ways. Always be sure if you stop to retie that you do both boots so you do not end up having to stop a few moments later to tie the one you didn't.

In the wilderness there are many thieves waiting to steal your food. Packing it in containers will only keep the smallest critters away, so instead be sure to tie it up. In areas where bears are prominent there are often poles offered to tie up food. Use them. Make sure the bad hangs loosely and is not tied to a tree or pole directly. If the food bag swings it makes it even harder for a critter to get into it.

If you are out on the trail and realize you forgot something you may not have to go home or go on without it. Think about the other items you did pack. Can any of them double as the item you need? Many times you will find that a lot of items you pack can be used in more than one way. Just think outside the box and you'd be amazed at the multiple uses you can come up with for items.

Solving problems while backpacking is just part of the experience. It really helps when you set off on your trip armed with simple knowledge on how to handle some of the more common problems, like the ones above.

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