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African Safari In Puebla - A Short Review

Taking an African safari in Puebla, Mexico, may not be the real thing; after all, there is nothing quite like being in Africa itself however, to get in amongst some of the world's most fascinating wildlife, Puebla certainly doesn't disappoint.

African safari destinations are popular in North America and the Puebla establishment is a great way to get close to some of the best known creatures Africa has to offer.

The Mexican park is divided into several sections with the African safari division the biggest and most popular. It even has a strong African identity with it's areas named after countries such as Botswana and Kenya.

One of the appealing aspects of the Puebla park is the animals live unrestricted by cage bars and the park encourages reproduction. From a spectators perspective, this means travelling through the park in vehicles for obvious reasons.

Under the watchful eye of tour guides and African safari in Puebla experience means there is always a slight risk of danger and there are some areas during the trip where vehicle windows need to be wound up. For those who prefer to let others do the steering, a bus regularly traverses the park.

A stop is made during the trip at a souvenir shop which also provides plenty of refreshments.

Yes, there is plenty of wildlife on display including the some of the best known African species. There is also an extremely strong emphasis on the tiger at this African safari in Mexico.

From a spectator's point-of-view, this type of wildlife park is great for those who like to sit back, relax and stare through a vehicle window. For those who like the walking tour, then a more traditional zoo would be more beneficial.

An African Safari in Puebla won't leave your hip pocket light either. Around $15 will get you in and it's a whole lot cheaper than travelling to Africa. But if safaris are in your nature, then Africa should be your ultimate goal.

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