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Bee Stings - 6 Mistakes People Make When Surrounded By Bees
When bees are present in a swarm around people often times there is panic. When people panic, the bees start to panic as well and are more likely to attack. Some of the bees can get angry. The best thing to do is to stay calm if you can. Here are 6 m
Geocaching in the United Kingdom
In a nutshell Geocaching is simply a high tech treasure hunt. A traditional Geocache consists of a waterproof container housing a variety of items, the container is normally hidden in a location which can be reached by the public without the need to
Outdoor Vacations - Avoiding Pests
Camping can be a fun and inexpensive outdoor vacation for the entire family. It provides fresh air, stunning views and a chance for the family to bond. There are some downsides to vacations in the great outdoors though; pests can be a nuisance and ev
The Flora and Fauna of Tenerife
Macaronesia is the name given to the groups of Islands which scatter across the centre of the Atlantic. One such group is the Canary Islands which boasts the greatest variety of flora. Throughout the Canaries there is a mixture of endemic and cultiva
Dubai Creek - Viewing The City
Compared to many of the world's most beautiful and impressive cities, Dubai surely ranks highly. The city features an eclectic mix of beautiful geography with undulant deserts and flawless parks alongside traditional charm and modern convenience. Dub
The Joy of Dubai Beaches
For those looking to find the ideal beach paradise, there might be no better place in the world than at a Dubai Beach, tucked into the comfort and serene beauty of the Middle East. Despite the humidity of the region, the crisp white sand of a Dubai b
Camping Holidays - Pack The Essentials
A camping holiday can be fun for the entire family. They provide an opportunity to commune with nature and have quality bonding time with the family. Planning and preparation is key to ensuring you have what you need for your outdoor vacation. Bringi
Outdoor Vacations - Packing Light Basics
An outdoor vacation of camping in the great outdoors is sure to be a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life. While many campsites dont require hiking much further than your automobile, they dont provide you with seclusion and adventure
Traveling to the Great Outdoors? Don't Forget you Grill
Traveling to the great outdoors and communing with nature is a enjoyable way to get out of the city and breathe in the fresh air. While you want a taste of living in nature, a camping trip doesnt have to mean eating cold food and freezing at night. S
Camping Holiday - How to Dress
Taking a holiday in the great outdoors is a wonderful reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city. Youre able to breathe the fresh air and bond with nature. Preparation is key to enjoying your camping experience since there will usually be no opp
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