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Sailing Cruises in the Caribbean - Experience a Fun-Filled V
These days, cruising is one of the most popular vacation options among avid travelers. For some, the more opulent the cruise ship, the better. Others are hoping for an experience where they can party the night away without a care in the world! But fo
Discover a Sailing Vacation in the Pacific Northwest: Find B
Do you have any experience in sailing? Why not charter a sailing yacht and explore the magnificent San Juan Islands next summer? That could be a wonderful adventure for you and your family! There are many different ways of doing a sailing vacation. Y
Sailing Croatia
Mediterranean cuisine is characteristic for Croatia according to it's location and climate, so to every gourmand yachtsman we recommend to find a tavern where he will be able to enjoy in the full taste of domestic tomatoes, olive oil, fish...all of t
A Sailing Vacation in the Caribbean to Rejuvenate the Mind,
If you want to really appreciate the beauty of Caribbean islands the best way to go about it is sailing across the islands. And believe me most of the lovers of Caribbean islands firmly claim that Caribbean islands were created keeping in mind the sa
Catamaran Sailing School: An Education in Buying and Ownersh
Catamaran professionals can help individuals find and negotiate the best deal on the catamaran they have been searching for and let then confidently take the helm on a cruising adventure. They can help arrange a professional delivery captain and/or c
Florida Sailing Vacations
To plan a sailing vacation you need to decide if you are looking for a bare boat charter that is without the crew or a vacation on a crew boat. Sailing vacation would me complete peace of mind when you can relax on the boat, listen to the wind, lie i
Sailing Ship Models
Sailing ship models are models of wind-powered ships. In olden times, before the advent of the steam engines, sailing ships were the primary means of transportation across long distances of water. Sailing ships were used for ferrying passengers, carg
Sailing Is For Everyone
It doesn't matter where you are in the world, sailing is a great sport and past time. All you need is some water and you are set to enjoy a part of maritime history. Sailboats come in all shapes and sizes to appeal to almost anyone nowadays. Recreati
Safety Tips for Sailing Vacations - Chartering with Babies
Your husband wants to charter this year in the Caribbean, your children are dreaming of jumping in the water but you are scrared to bring the baby. Don't be when chartering a catamaran! First think safety: 1. Life Jacket: Foam floation collar and hea
Lamu Kenya: Lamu Tourist Activity - Sailing - Festival
Lamu tourist Activities and Sports Dhow Trips Taking a dhow trip is almost obligatory and drifting through the mangroves is a wonderful way to experience the islands. Youll be approached by touts and would be captains almost as soon as you arrive, bu
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