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Sailing a Boat is More Than Just Steering
Just about everybody knows that a rudder steers a boat, but sailing a boat is more than just steering. Sailing involves an intimate knowledge of your boat, how the sails work and also of the weather to name only three of a myriad of things needed jus
Sailboat Characteristics For Light Air Sailing
Unlike most boat purchase advice, written by manufacturers and designed to persuade to one brand or another, the suggestions in this article are written from the perspective of a sailboat buyer and are drawn from the collective wisdom of my dozen or
Caribbean Leeward Islands - Great For a Sailing Holiday
Sailing in Leeward Islands is both fun and sundry because the region is composed of several stunning places. These are are the islands of Dominica, Saint Bartholomew, Anguilla, the American Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Montserrat, St.
Sailing Solo - Tips For Planning Your Cruise
Do you need some time away but can't find anyone to go with you? Don't let this stop you from taking a vacation. Traveling by yourself doesn't have to be boring or lonely. Taking a cruise by yourself can be the answer to a peaceful and exciting vacat
Cruising The Bahamas Islands For Your Next Sailing Vacation
Sailing in Bahamas is a pure fun because it is an island country full of beaches and friendly people. The Bahamas, which is officially known as the "Commonwealth of the Bahamas", is located in the Atlantic Ocean along the eastern side of Cuba and Flo
A Three Hour Sail - Gilligan's Island Style?
Not a chance! This adventure is Vancouver Island Style and the only marooning that takes place is the stress left behind on shore. Captain Len Pearson, a very experienced seafarer, and first-mate Sue Powers, are there to make sure that you truly expe
Guide To a Sailing Charter In The UK
The United Kingdom is a country consists of Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England. There are also tiny islands that enclose the country. Aside from the land border, UK is also surrounded with different bodies of water, including the North Sea, Atla
Choosing a Sailboat for Beginners
You've decided you want to learn how to sail. Now you just need to choose a boat to learn how to sail in. There are a lot of choices, and several things you need to consider. There are several different kinds of sailboats to choose from. There are we
The Different Points of Sailing
Sailing, as with most sports, professions, or hobbies for that matter, has its own unique language. This at first can be extremely daunting since what otherwise might just be referred to as the left hand side of boat is instead called port. In that s
Tired Of Sailing The Virgins? Try a Yacht Charter In the Car
Getting tired of sailing the Virgins? Well, there is plenty of other great sailing grounds in the Caribbean. Sailing in Windward Islands, though its eye-catching charter areas, will probably be one of your most spectacular journeys. The group of isla
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