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12 Hours In The ER Every Sailing Vacation Has A Story - I Wi
Don't get burned Sailing gloves which is an extremely important part of Sailing. Whether you are a sailor new to the water or experienced at that, you will need to know that any sailing venture is going to rough and choppy, if you do not equip yourse
Sailing Hints
I spend almost all my summers sailing around the Greek islands. With this small article I would like to share some sailing hints with you that will help you enjoy the most out of your sailing holidays. When moored or anchored, use your sun tent and s
Sailing and Diving in the British Virgin Islands
The British Virgin Islands Probably our best trip ever... from the moment we landed on Beef Island to being picked up by our wonderful friends, Steuart and Fran and whisked away to their 57 foot Catamaran. The British Virgin Islands are such a civili
Sailing Adventures
Sailing is an activity like no other. It can change so much from one day to the next, since it really depends on the weather. Big waves with no wind, big wind with no waves, no wind and no waves, or big wind and big waves will all provide a very diff
Sailing On A Catamaran - A Different Kind Of Vacation
Vacations and travel are the best valued hobby of most people, after their car. A popular holiday type is the all-inclusive vacation, to countries such as Spain, Turkey or to the Dominican Republic. Really adventurous folk will fight through the jung
Four Top Sailing Regattas In British Waters
Britain has some excellent regattas available for the sailing fraternity. The first and probably most famous is Cowes Week. An amazing week of high quality sailing in the Solent waters off the coast of the Isle of Wight. Cowes Week is a definite high
Exploring New England's Shore By Sailboat
Of the six states that comprise our countrys quaint New England, five are on the coast, making the area a prime place for enjoying water sports, including a top favorite, sailing. Whether you make your home there or decide to take in the sea air duri
Buying a Used Sunfish Sailboat: Know The Ins and Outs Before
As anyone whos ever bought a used car knows, you have to approach the project armed with your own knowledge before you even set foot on the lot. In this situation, being uninformed is tantamount to being taken to the cleaners. The same goes for buyin
The Rise and Rise of Croatia For Sailing Holidays
In the 1980s, Croatia - then part of Yugoslavia - built up a sizeable yacht charter industry. It was never then on the scale to rival long time favourite Greece, but it was large enough to get itself noticed as an attractive coming destination. Then
Simple Things for the "Sailing Life"
Owning a boat has an oxymoronic quality to it. The simple life can be pretty complex--I think of it as having a plane, a car, and a house compressed into a very small space. This specialized environment calls for specialized equipment and tactics...s
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