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Worldmark by Wyndam is a popular points-based timeshare vacation resort system. Most of the Worldmark resorts are located on the West Coast of the United States. California has the largest number of Worldmark properties, with locations in San Francisco, Palm Springs, and San Diego, as well as in other popular parts of the sunny state. But California isnt the only place to vacation with Worldmark.

Currently the company has more than 60 resorts located throughout the US and Canada, and include a couple of resorts in Mexico and Fiji as well. While the majority of Woldmark resorts are located on the West Coast, with a great presence up and down the Oregon and California coastline and in Nevada, the great American West isnt the only place to vacation with Worldmark. They have expanded operations in the US and now operate beautiful timeshare properties in Orlando, New Orleans and Branson, Missouri, as well. Of course, Worldmark also has properties in the other western states of Utah and Colorado so skiers wont be left out.

One of the advantages of points-based timeshare resorts is the ability to take advantage of numerous properties at which you can take your vacation. Unlike fixed week timeshares which require that you either return to the same resort during the same week each year, points-based systems allow you to decide each year what week you would like to travel and where you would like to visit. So this year, you may decide to visit San Diego in the summer, but next year you might decide a ski vacation in Colorado suits you better. And you can pick and choose wherever you like to go within the timeshare points system without paying an exchange fee to an exchange company because you are not leaving your resort family

Worldmark timeshares are an excellent value on the resale market. Currently, Worldmark memberships purchased directly from Wyndam cost over $1.80 per point, but on the resale market, you can pick up a Worldmark timeshare for less than a $1 per point. And Worldmark timeshares bought at resale hold all the same benefits and value that the same membership bought at full price. In addition, Wyndam actually makes the process of changing ownership on a Worldmark membership very simple.

Ebay is one of the best places to buy a Worldmark membership. Many reputable sellers have excellent Worldmark inventory and do not charge in excess of the resort transfer fee (currently $150) that Wyndam requires to facilitate the transfer. Iif you decide to purchase a Worldmark membership on Ebay, be sure to shop around as some sellers charge a closing fee on top of the resort transfer fee, but the best resellers do not, as it is not necessary to do so with a Worldmark membership. This is one of the things that make Worldmark such a bargain. Other timeshare resorts can cost between $500 and $800 to transfer, above and beyond your winning bid.

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