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California Vacation - Part 7 of a Day-by-day Diary

On Thursday, we met some really nice folks from Canada while lounging by the pool. Randy was on his third beer and I was on my second by then so he asked the Canadians to join us for drinks. When we drank all the beer we had, they went to their condo and got their last four cans, and we finished those off. I don't' know why I'm gaining weight; we drink light beer.

For lunch, I had three olives with my sandwich at the condo. Whew, were they hot and spicy! If you think pickled bleu cheese does not sound very tasty, you may be correct. I thought they were pretty good, but Randy doesn't like them at all. Waste not, want not. I'll pull the hard, dry stuffing out and eat the olive.

We attended a street festival on Thursday night on Palm Canyon Boulevard, hoping to find cheap souvenirs to take back to our friends. It was only 101 degrees that night in the desert so walking would have been tolerable if it weren't for my ankle. It was aching probably from my downtown 5K run in high heels on Tuesday.

Since we were only able to get one week of timeshare at Lawrence Welk Desert Oasis Resort through RCI, we had to pack up and move to Cimarron Golf Resort for our second week of vacation. Once we settled in, Randy watched a movie while I picked up email. Yes, I finally got to get online. We celebrated by having turkey sandwiches and olives.

Wednesday, July 11 was my Nanny's 92nd birthday. I remembered it on the Saturday after. That's also when I remembered Scott's (my son-in-law) birthday. We made a mad rush to Bed, Bath and Way Beyond in search of something left on their bridal registry-Scott's, not my grandmother's. My daughter and Scott have been married about six weeks. After having the customer service clerk print the registry, I found that I could afford one plate and one saucer of the place setting they had on their list. I got a gift certificate instead. Then, we found a card shop (a.k.a. The Dollar Tree) and the post office. Unfortunately the post office was closed on Saturday and I couldn't figure out how to use a debit card in the stamp machine. Randy took care of it somehow, and I have redeemed my status as The Belated Birthday Boob.

Back at the condo, we had pizza for dinner. I garnished it with four olives. We have to eat all these green balls we bought at the winery before we go back to Tennessee.

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