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Should You Buy a Timeshare - Check These 4 Facts About Times

1. Timeshares are not a good financial investment, regardless of what a timeshare sales rep tells you. If you buy from a developer, you are paying all their marketing expenses and the resale value of most timeshares is less than half of what they are sold for by most developers. Disney is virtually the only company that has a right of first refusal clause for resales, so for any other company I recommend buying resales only. For Disney Vacation Club, it's a toss up. Do some comparison shopping and make sure you know what DVC is offering as incentives and what all the admin costs are on any resale purchases.

2. Timeshares are a good investment in your lifestyle if you want to raise the level of travel extravagance. Often when people talk about timeshares being a rip-off they are comparing their cost to what it costs to stay in moderate-budget hotels. But that's an unfair comparison. The real comparison is between deluxe hotels and timeshares. Also, most timeshares are condos. What do you think it would cost you to rent a 2-bedroom condo with a full kitchen each night?

3. You won't save money on your vacation travel, but you will increase your enjoyment and comfort. If you are strictly a budget traveler and money is more important to you than where you stay, then timeshares are probably not something worth spending your money on, but if you like to relax in the room and you feel cramped in hotel rooms, then timesharing is great.

4. Timeshares are self-serve. Let's say you do like to have a nice luxurious accommodation, but you also like 24 hour room service, having your bed turned down each night, towels changed out and the bed made daily. Sorry, you won't get that at timeshare.

There's usually no room service because you have a kitchen and laundry and sheets are generally only changed mid-week for a 7 day stay and also when you leave so the next guest has clean sheets and towels. On the other hand, many timeshare resorts hold community events like barbecues and parties and cocktail parties so you can get to know other owners. Hotels don't offer that kind of community experience.

Ultimately, whether you decide a timeshare is the right decision for you or not, its important to keep one thing in mind: Have a great vacation!

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