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The Birth Of Timeshare - A Marketing Genius
Which ever way you look at it Timeshare was and still is one of the marketing geniuses of our time. Way back in the early sixties a hotelier in the French Alps started marketing his hotel with the slogan Why rent a room when you can own the hotel. It
California Vacation - Part 7 of a Day-by-day Diary
On Thursday, we met some really nice folks from Canada while lounging by the pool. Randy was on his third beer and I was on my second by then so he asked the Canadians to join us for drinks. When we drank all the beer we had, they went to their condo
Timeshare Auctions - Questions To Ask Before Buying A Times
If you're looking to pick up a timeshare at a great price, Ebay is often the best place to find one. Hundreds of timeshares are bought and sold on Ebay every week and nearly every major timeshare company is represented so whether you are looking for
Should You Buy a Timeshare - Check These 4 Facts About Times
1. Timeshares are not a good financial investment, regardless of what a timeshare sales rep tells you. If you buy from a developer, you are paying all their marketing expenses and the resale value of most timeshares is less than half of what they are
Timeshares - Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!
Timeshares are a great way for people to vacation and still be able to own in their favorite getaway. Timeshares were invented back in the 60s in the French Alps when a resort owner/developer concluded it would be attractive to people to stop renting
The Other Side of Time Shares - Places You Least Thought
Time shares have become very popular over the recent years for most travelers for the ease of being able to find accommodations for there vacations. But when most think about time share spots most think of luxurious beaches, remote islands, or shoppi
Cancun, Mexico - One of the Top Timeshare Vacation Packages
Cancun, one of the top destination vacations spots, is widely known for its spring break bonanza each year as thousands of college students flock the city for their April break. But Cancun offers a great spot for all vacationers throughout all of the
How to Choose a Great Timeshare in the UK, US, and Europe
Purchasing a timeshare is a unique type of investment, and requires two levels of research. First, you should determine if a timeshare is the correct type of investment for you. Are you better off putting investment money somewhere else and paying fo
WorldMark Timeshare Resorts - Vacation With a Points-Based T
Worldmark by Wyndam is a popular points-based timeshare vacation resort system. Most of the Worldmark resorts are located on the West Coast of the United States. California has the largest number of Worldmark properties, with locations in San Francis
Rawalpindi Tourism
Rawalpindi is a richly vibrant city which would impresses you with its life force and warmth. If Islamabad represents the progressive face of Pakistan, Rawalpindi is represents the quaint classical charm of medieval Pakistan. There is no dearth of po
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