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Doctor Said that Fred Would Be Dead and Fred said, "I'm Not
If you're a vacation ownership or timeshare salesperson, let Fred be your example of a perfect client you encourage to become an owner as soon as possible to enoy life. If belief and mindset can influence the body and mind and keep people alive longe
Buying a Timeshare - Don't Give in to High Pressure Tactics
Timeshares, also known as fractional ownership, is something that has been around since the first extended family decided to save on the cost of their vacation by sharing the cost of renting a cottage or vacation property. One of the ways that timesh
Buying Timeshares - What You Should Know
Buying timeshares may be one of the wisest investments one can make in there lifetime. You are buying into a vacation getaway that that can provide you and your family with yours of excitement. First you need to know the different types before buying
Home Stay In Kenya - Kenya Unmatched Options
Kenya can be an expensive destination for travelers - a home stay is an inexpensive way to visit the Kenya - ideal for travelers with an aim of understanding the local community and the culture of the Africans well. It is also great for single visito
How to Buy a Timeshare on eBay
Many people buy timeshares and then things happen and they would like to shed their vacation property. Actually timeshares often show up on top ten lists of things not to buy new. You can get a much better deal if you are buying a timeshare from some
Timeshare Maintenance Fees - Know the Maintenance Fees Befor
While buying a timeshare can be a benefit in terms of money saved on vacationing, there is more to timeshares than the initial cost. There are maintenance fees. This seems fairly straightforward. After all, as every homeowner knows, there is always g
Single Mom Cries as She Chooses Vacation Ownership For Herse
You never know at the time you meet a guest what impact you will have on their lives. Working in vacation ownership and timeshare is a great opportunity to connect every day with people. It's extremely interesting if you embrace and welcome each new
Three-Part Success Strategies for Vacation Ownership and Ti
This will be fun because people remember things easily in three's. You remember the three pigs, and Goldilocks and the three bears, but have more trouble with the Seven Dwarfs. The sales success for vacation ownership can also be broken down into thr
Lessons on Urgency Celebrating Jule's 90th Birthday in Las V
I have had some great opportunities to spend vacation-time with seniors vacationing in Las Vegas. Jules came to Las Vegas to celebrate his 90th birthday as a vacation owner. It was so refreshing to spend time with him and hear what he had to say abou
Buy Timeshares Wisely
Buy these wisely and you won't be disappointed. With thorough research and clearly identifying your current and future needs you will be able to avoid disappointment. Many of us like to have luxurious yet affordable vacations. Timesharing becomes the
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