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Selling Timeshares
The bad news is it is not easy to sell timeshares. It can be very difficult, if not impossible because of supply and demand. There are many timeshares up for sale; the demand is just not there. Many timeshare owners want out because they bought blind
Buy Timeshare Condos
Buying timeshare condos became popular in the 60s in Europe. A ski resort developer in the French Alps who realized that most people could not afford to buy a vacation home developed the concept. He offered the opportunity to purchase a piece of a ho
Resale Timeshares
If you own a timeshare and youre lifestyle has changed, you may be thinking about selling. Of course, if you sell, you want to do so in a timely fashion and make as much money as you can on the sale. The problem is, you will probably never get back w
Timeshare Buying Scams
Timeshare Buying Scams Timeshare buying can be an exciting experience. You have all types of vacation possibilities dancing in your head. Get-a-ways to exotic locations. Drinking drinks with little umbrellas in them while sitting on the white sand li
Malta - New Laws Fight The Timeshare Reps
Too many incidents of visitors being confronted in the street while on holiday in Malta has led to the Maltese authorities taking action against the timeshare companies who employ sales staff to seek out possible visiting buyers. Complaints have rise
Timeshare Resorts
The current wave in timesharing sales at resorts is investing in all inclusive resort packages. You are charged one fee that includes everything from your room to your meals and entertainment. Other than spending money for shopping, etc., you dont ha
Timeshare Rental - Looking for a Cheap Getaway?
If an owner of a Timeshare can not use it during the specific time period he will either loss his week or he will have to bank it with an exchange company. If he does nothing with the timeshare they will loss their maintenance fees and taxes for the
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