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The Best Time to Buy Your Vacation Ownership is Today - Yest
If you could be known for something in this country, how about getting known for sharing a message of urgency to enjoy life and experiences right now, right here, this moment, yes: today. Many people reflect about what happened yesterday. Well it's g
Sell Timeshare For Cash - Tips On How To Sell Your Timeshare
Many people buy a timeshare and realize it was a big mistake. Unfortunately selling a timeshare for cash is a lot harder than buying one. Follow these tips to improve your chances of selling your timeshare. Consider your price Dont expect to sell you
New Opportunities in the Timeshare Markets
Timesharing saves consumers money. That is a given for anyone who knows and understands the timeshare value proposition. Why this happens is the next step in understanding how the basic mechanics of timesharing can be used in other parts of the trave
My Luxury African Safari - Birthday at the Arabella
I had decided that this year my birthday was going to be all about me. I know that it sounds selfish, but for the last three years my birthdays have been total disasters and I was determined that it would not be repeated this year. So I booked into t
Guardian International Travel Business Review
This short review about Guardian International Travel was created because I myself didn't find enough information online. After much research with many "filters" plugged in finally you could see for yourself what is the Guardian International Travel
RCI Points Timeshares - How Does the RCI Points Program Work
Resort Condominiums International (RCI) is the worlds largest timeshare vacation exchange company. In addition to regular fixed week timeshares, they now offer the RCI Points program which allows you to be much more flexible in how you use your vacat
How To Donate Your Timeshare And Put Money In Your Pocket
The question is often, can you get a tax write off for donating your timeshare. The answer is YES! The first concern is where you live and what taxes you pay. Each country handles donations differently and don't expect anyone here to advise you on yo
Considering A Timeshare Sale?
When considering buying any kind of real estate including a timeshare sale there are certain but pertinent questions that you should be asking of the seller. However when it comes to you buying a timeshare which is very different from the more tradit
Timeshares - Is There an Alternative?
Timeshares are appealing and were invented to solve a common problem. Everybody wants the best "bang" for their buck and would like to get the most possible out of their vacation. Nobody wants to buy a property at full price just to use a few weeks e
Buying a Timeshare - RCI Points vs RCI Weeks
Since RCI Points are the standard for timeshare vacations when it comes to the point system, lets take a look at points versus timeshare weeks. First, lets look at the primary benefit of timeshare points which is the flexibility. With points, you are
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