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A Quick Tour Of Ital
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Island Hopping Through the USVI
Most visitors to the U.S. Virgin Islands don't stray beyond St. Thomas - the nexus of the islands' vibrant culture. However, there are a variety of daytime excursions that offer activities for any type of tourist on St. Thomas' sister islands. From t
Climbing Mt Liamuiga in St Kitts
Regardless of where you are in St. Kitts - from the beaches to rainforests - one majestic mountain will always be in view. Mt. Liamuiga, the island's famed dormant volcano, is almost impossible to miss. However, the picturesque peak and its surroundi
The Paphos Area Of Cyprus Well Worth A Visit
Paphos town lies at the heart of the Paphos area which is one of the largest municipalities on the West Coast of Cyprus. The town is in fact two towns the old and the new. Lower or Kato Paphos as it is also known nestles against the coast and makes u
The Biggest Mistake Expats Make
Imagine being broke in a foreign country. The Embassy won't help you with funds. You are down and out and unless you know someone that will help, you are in big trouble and hungry. Many expats move to the Philippines without the slightest idea of how
Paphos Cyprus - The All Year Resort
Paphos in Cyprus is one of the few tourist areas on the Island that remains open throughout the winter months of the year. It may have something to do with all the places of interest that are either close to Paphos town or within easy rich by coach t
How To Choose The Best International Travel Medical Insuranc
Domestic travel insurance plans are not designed to function well with hospitals and doctors overseas, which can add to your frustration if you have problems while traveling. Your greatest financial risk while traveling outside of your home country i
A Quick Tour Of Italy - The Alto-Adige Subregion
If you are looking for a European tourist destination, consider the Trentino-Alto Adige region of northern Italy on the border of both Switzerland and Austria. Its tourist attractions include the Dolomite Mountains and some eight hundred castles. Thi
A Quick Tour Of Italy - The Trentino Subregion
If you are looking for a European tourist destination, consider the Trentino-Alto Adige region of northern Italy on the border of both Switzerland and Austria. Among its tourist attractions are the Dolomite Mountains, glacier lakes, and Alpine forest
An Overview of the Republic of Cuba
Cuba, beauty in simplicity, a haven, a paradise, an experience. One of the largest Caribbean islands, Cuba is all you can dream of and a little more. Endless sandy beaches, captivating culture, old-age architecture, friendly locals, delicious cuisine
Afraid of Sunburn? Eat Mackerel, Herring, Trout and Salmon
People who eat trout, salmon, mackerel or herring are less subject to the risk of sunburn. According to the studies fatty acids contained in these types of fish protect skin from sunburn. "Dr. L. E. Roads from the Manchester University conducted a se
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