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Jeep Rental Vs Taxi In Aruba
Aruba is an island of paradox. Despite the presence of numerous luxury resorts and gourmet restaurants, much of Aruba remains uninhabited. For the tourist, this simply means there is more to explore. For example, nearly 20% of the island is devoted t
Ban Than - Untouched Features
In Quang Nam, while Hoi An is bright with lantern, My Son relics is quiet and splendid, Ban Than is known for its endless sound of waves. This site is suitable for anyone who wants to experience strong, adventurous feelings and control nature. Ban Th
Discovery Of Vietnam Northwest Villages And Ethnic Minoritie
Northwest of Vietnam is well-known for huge mountains, magic caves, streams and rough rivers. In addition, the unique features of ethnic minorities' culture have brought Northwest an attraction which can not be found anywhere. Trekking through Northw
Tips For Traveling To The Caribbean
The Caribbean has long been a favorite destination for American travelers. Treasured for its scenery and family-friendly atmosphere, the Caribbean is one of the safest travel destinations for millions of American tourists each year. Yet, like anywher
Northern Cyprus The Lost Gem
Northern Cyprus is arguably the most beautiful part of this Mediterranean Island paradise. With its lush mountain ranges and green valleys the North is probably more fertile too. There are hundreds of unspoiled beaches and the traditional Cypriot vil
The Forgotten City - Exploring the Mayan Ruins of Coba
Some of the most popular activities in Cancun are visits to the sites of ancient Mayan ruins. While many visitors are aware of the world-famous Chichen Itza and plenty of tours visit nearby Tulum, archaeologists and those in the know often recommend
Vacation Ideas - Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Temple Square is located in downtown Salt Lake City situated on a beautifully landscaped 10-acre plot of ground. It is one of Utah's most visited attractions. Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Tabernacle Organ Visit the home of the world-famous Mormon Tabe
Cancun Has A New Draw For Divers
Early this year, a pair of professional divers uncovered a new landmark beneath Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula. After years of searching and thousands of dives, Steve Bogaerts and his dive partner, Robbie Schmittner, were able to find a connection
Cancun Is Back And Better Than Ever!
On October 21, 2005, Cancun was struck by Hurricane Wilma, the most intense Atlantic storm on record. However, after little more than a year, Cancun has remerged as an even more enticing destination. With over $1.5 billion committed to the citywide r
Apollo Bay - Paradise by the Sea
Nestled in at the base of the Otway Ranges, separating the lush green rainforest from the deep azure blue of the Southern Ocean, lies the peaceful coastal hamlet of Apollo Bay. Referred to by locals, and remembered by visitors, as 'paradise by the se
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