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A Beantown Adventure
It's the city that blazed the Freedom Trail - home to the Boston Tea Party. Sure, I knew this town had a ton of history to offer. But I didn't know how great New England really was until my son and I ventured from Phoenix to Beantown to begin his new
Melaka A'Famosa Resort Animal Safari And Cowboy Town
Melaka is a worth destination to visit for families. One of the main attractions that I would like to introduce when you are in Melaka is the famous A'Famosa Resort Animal Safari and its unique Cowboy Town. Situated on a 1300-acre site in Alor Gajah,
5 Reasons to Change the World - Volunteer in South America
South America is a land of varied cultures and once-in-a-lifetime sights and sounds. More specifically, the continent is home to many of the world's finest volunteer and study abroad programs located anywhere on the globe. The continent's favorable e
Google Maps and MapQuest Driving Directions Compared
I realize I am probably dating myself just a little... but web based map services like Google Maps or MapQuest just astonish me. Whoever figured out how to map any block on the planet in 5 seconds has got to be rich... if not they should be. If you n
Los Angeles Tourist Attractions - The Hollywood Sign
The Hollywood Sign These famous 50-foot-high white sheet-metal letters have come to symbolize the movie industry and the city itself. The sign was erected on Mount Lee in 1923 as an advertisement for a real-estate development. The full text originall
Get Your Passport Now for Summer Travel to the Caribbean
Two months after the U.S. Government instituted new passport regulations for Caribbean and Latin American travel under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), both foreign officials and visitors have called the initial transition a success.
Hell Hath No Meaning as in Grand Cayman
On the picturesque Caribbean island of Grand Cayman, there is place known as Hell. Just a short drive from five-star resorts and pristine beaches, rests an ominous field of brimstone with a fascinating geological history. There are certainly several
The Malecon - Puerto Vallarta's Famous Boardwalk
One of the most popular activities in Puerto Vallarta is a stroll down the city's famed boardwalk, the Malecon. Lined with shops, restaurants and artwork, the Malecon provides great entertainment for all ages and budgets. The young and fashionable ca
Luxury Trains in India - The Royal Routes
The luxury trains of India lets the travelers discover Indian heritage, warm hospitality, Indian culture and traditions in royal demeanor. Luxury trains in India were initially meant for only royalties of Indian states and are a much important part o
The Perfect Place For A Holiday
Whether you want a straightforward Italian skiing holiday or something even more adventurous I have the perfect place for you. The Italian region of Piedmont is the Italian and European mecca for adventure holidays. The Gran Paradiso National Park is
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